Ships that pass in the night! (#21)

Screen Capture B

By Alan Hamill

What happened on Somerton Beach and in Adelaide from 1902 to 1966+?

Why was the Somerton Man in Adelaide?

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Meanwhile, on Sydney Harbour:-

This is the HMS Duke Of York.

HMS_Duke_of_York 1

HMS DukeOfYork 3

HMS DukeOfYork July45 B1

HMS DukeOfYork July45 B2

“They inspected the vessel’s secret war equipment.” In July 1945, when the substances required for Little Boy and Fat Man were being readied for delivery to Tinian Island.

 HMS DukeOfYork July45


This is the HMS King George V.

HMS KingGeorge V 1

HMS KingGeorge V 2


This is Landing Ship (Tank) LS 3035.

HMAS Lae LST3035 1


The LS 3035 as it was listed was also known as LST Lae or LS Lae and later as HMAS Lae.


And this is HMHS Somersetshire.

MV Somersetshire 1

MV Somersetshire 2

MV Somersetshire 3

MV Somersetshire was built in 1921 and served as a passenger ship till used in WWII.

In the war it became a hospital ship as HMHS Somersetshire and also a troop ship. It then returned to duties as a passenger ship and travelled the world but was generally tasked around the Pacific Ocean till retirement and breaking up in 1954.


Question:- Were these the vessels Helmuth Hendon and his cronies were monitoring the movements of in Sydney Harbour? 

Answer:- Absolutely!

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To backtrack and brush up on what this case is about, go to Wikipedia here

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