Hiding in plain sight! (#3)


By Alan Hamill

What happened on Somerton Beach and in Adelaide from the 1930’s to the 1980’s?

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Poor old George! Murdered because of his knowledge of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and his ethnicity!

Nope, it was because his name was “George” Marshall, which was the same as the US General in charge of getting the nuclear deterrent into existence.

General George C Marshall was the US Army Chief of Staff and directed to make the atomic devices ready for urgent deployment into Europe.

“George” Marshall’s murder in a suburb of Sydney was to send a message to the US and its allies that the German War Machine was aware of the heirachy of the nuclear organisation and the quatrain number (23) was to demonstrate that they had inside information about the quantities of material required for those nuclear devices.

Quatrain 23 example.

Young George

Joseph “George” Saul Haim Marshall

This is 34 year old Joseph “George” Saul Haim Marshall (below). His Hebrew name was Yosef Chaim Saul ben Yisroel.

            Joseph “George” Marshall

George Marshall was born to Jewish parents in Malaya in 1910. He attended University in Paris. He was an avid “bookologist” and an expert scholar of the writings of Omar Khayyam. His private life could be classed as “troubled” or perhaps “eccentric”. It may have even been due to autism or schizophrenia, which doctors of the period would not have easily recognised. George was living at Potts Point at the time.

On the 19th of May 1945 (the day before it is believed George passed) his former Headmaster, who knew George well, stated that he found George in high spirits. He stated to the Coroner that George had a “first class philosophical mind!”

And the message:-

The trick was that there was no message in the text!
The message was the quatrain number itself!
It was to indicate the number of packages, or more precisely, pounds (lbs) of substance in that shipment.

It didn’t include the gas shipments or deposits.

There would be two shipments of Uranium (U235). One package would be 70lbs and another would be 72lbs in weight.
A third shipment would be 23lbs of Plutonium.
This would provide enough fissionable material for 1 “Little Boy” (142lbs) and enough fusionable material for 1 “Fatman” (23lbs).

Do these numbers sound familiar? Yes, quatrain 23 with “George” Marshall and quatrain 70 with Alf Boxall.
Is there one more ROK missing with quatrain 72 highlighted?

And some of this U235 would come from Mount Painter in the Flinders Ranges well north of Adelaide to top up a shortfall in US supplies due to the time it takes to process this material.

We know of at least 3 ROKs being used so far, possibly 4.

The ROK which surfaced for the second time around the 22nd of July 1949 was resurrected from someone’s wardrobe for the purpose of distraction to be used in an attempt to disguise a murder on or about November 30th 1948. But it wasn’t to be in New South Wales, it would be in Adelaide, South Australia.

The ROK that has been tied to this murder was reportedly handed to SAPOL by a Chemist named Freeman after Freeman’s Brother In Law remembered a book fitting the description was found 8 months earlier in the back seat of Freeman’s car about the 20th November 1948. The ROK apparently had been thrown there through an open window.

minx a

The 20th of November 1948 was when the Adelaide Air Show took place, and there was significant military presence with world wide Air Forces flying in for the event.

The 20th of November 1948 was also the day Reginald Bickford passed away at his home in Adelaide.

In the early stages of design of the “Little Boy” device it was thought that a black powder fuse device would be employed to start the nuclear reaction in the explosion. And what no better a person to discuss this with than the chemist who invented the timed detonator fuse system used for the mining industry. That would be Reginald Bickford?

Later it was decided that this fusing system, although designed to be time fixed to be accurate to no more variation than +/- 10 seconds for every yard of fuse used, this allowance was still too great a variance in a device falling towards a target. Something much more precise was needed.

The ROK mentioned above, however, was actually throw into the back tray tub of a utility belonging to a New South Wales bank officer also going by the name “Freeman” and being related to the man in the photo ID of H C Reynolds through the marriage of each to sisters.   Young Cutlack HC ID Card A


Later additions to the Coroner’s Report suggest that the back window of the car mentioned above was actually the rear tray of a utility truck, and to add to that, the person handing in the ROK may not have been a Chemist. We also now know who the “Brother In Law” was.

Ute A

Reginald Bickford, the owner and manager of Bickford’s Group of Companies, mentioned above, died on the 20th of November 1948 in Adelaide and his death was investigated and certified by Coroner Cleland.

George Marshall was found at Athol Park on Taylor’s Bay, Mosman with a copy of a 20th May newspaper under his head, an opened ROK pencilled at Quatrain 23 squarely on his chest, a tin containing traces of a poison and a drink bottle fitted with a perforated lid to act as a sprinkler.

With George’s Jewish upbringing and his knowledge of the ROK, he would have known that he could not cleanse his own body before death, and that it would take 7 days after his death to cleanse anyone of his faith should they touch him. They would need a pre-prepared “Water of Expiation” or “Mei Niddah” administered initially on the placement of the body, on the 3rd day and again on the 7th day after George’s passing. So the sprinkler bottle was used by someone else to support the interaction he had with Dorothy Graham and her boyfriend Helmut Hendon. The ROK would infer a romantic termination.

The placement of the body may have been done by someone with significant knowledge of Judaism, given the cleansing bottle.

The Coroner did not question either Dorothy Graham’s landlady (detailed later with regard to Helmut Hendon) or the attending certifying doctor.

The location of the body of George Marshall was close to the Clifton Gardens Hotel where Jessica would give a copy of The Rubaiyat to Alf Boxall a few months later. The death of Marshall was reported in the newspaper and Jessica was living in Sydney at the time this occurred.

Jessica converted to Judaism about this time.

Athol Park is where the theosophist Bishop Charles Webster Leadbeater would “talk to nature” or “invoke the natural spirits of the area”.

“The Manor” was a Sydney mansion where Bishop Leadbeater would practice occult preachings. He called himself a part of the Liberal Catholic Group but it had little to do with true Catholicism, and he also nominated himself into Masonry and the Masonic protocols.

“The Manor” also served as lodgings for Neo-Nazi operatives using the strange goings on as cover for their presence in Sydney. Visiting German ships’ crews would use the Manor from time to time as well.

A large part of the financing for the purchase of “The Manor” was arranged (and likely contributed to) by Duncan MacDougall/McDougall (husband of Pakie), possibly as a taxation deduction and operations centre.

We also discuss Duncan, Augusta (Pakie) and Robin MacDougall later. Elsie May Liebke, Thomas Lawrence Keane and Elmer Sylvester Klein will feature in a later post as well.

Back to that same office in London again.

“Sir, General Fivestars to see you.”

“Thanks for coming over General.”

“What can I do for you son?”

“Would you show today’s authentication ple….thank you.

We’ve had another letter from Australia and they ask if we know of any Russian Operatives down their way at the moment. They say they’ve been hearing Russian chatter in the area.”

“Well yes and no son, you remember our last conversation about the movement of some substances to Babat, and the contacts you let me have?”

“I do.”

“Well some in the group are Israeli refugees. Because Israel has been a close ally to Russia for many years, Israeli children have been taught the Russian Language for quite a while now. And given that Germany has just surrendered in Europe there is an unhappy German splinter group still looking for these Jewish people who are working to help our ally Russia and the US itself.

A directive was given by Alfred Rosenberg before his execution that German Loyalists should seek out and destroy anyone giving aid against the Nazi Regime.

I would expect that any conversations they would have between each other would be in Russian as it would be extremely dangerous for them if they gave away their background by speaking in Hebrew. We, and by that I mean the US, are spending a lot of money at the moment keeping Russia on our side as an ally. We are having talks. You may have heard of a setup called Lend-Lease? Well these talks may see this funding stopped about June in the next year or so, maybe ’46.

We were thinking of ending the funding but then this Pacific Theatre opened up and we have deferred the talks again. And working in our favour is that Russia has been bickering with Japan for some years, and we hear they may declare war on Japan at any time. So, yes there are people speaking Russian in Australia at the moment, but they are doing the messaging about our shipping tasks.

Do you think you could word a response to the Australians telling them nothing about what we’re doing and everything about what we’re not doing? You know, tell them nothing, take them nowhere!”

“We can arrange that General, and thanks for dropping over.”

The Alf Boxall ROK he handed to his wife in June 1945. If the inscription was a woman’s name his service in the Army would be a walk in the park compared with what his wife would dish out to him for possessing a book of poetry from another woman.

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