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By Alan Hamill

What happened on Somerton Beach and in Adelaide from 1902 to 1984+?
Why was the Somerton Man in Adelaide?

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Lads, just had a thought. If our man on the beach came in by train he may have checked in his suitcase at the station cloak room for safe-keeping.

Let’s go up and find out.


Tools A

But there was something from the suitcase that didn’t make it to the photoshoot!

HC ID Card A

The H C Reynolds I D Card!

But what does it mean, and why was it removed from the other items in the suitcase only to re-surface in 2011?

The ID Card has two components, the photo and the information box.


So, let’s look at the second part first!

Meet the left ear of the Somerton Man plaster cast and the left ear of Phillip Crispin Heywood Reynolds.

Ear 3 SMs Plaster    Ear 1A

So now meet Phillip Crispin Heywood Reynolds. He strenuously insisted he go by the name of P C H Reynolds when being mentioned for his exceptional cricket and cycling talents and other sporting pursuits. He also liked being called “Josh” for some unknown reason.


The guy in the trench coat and hat behind P C H R (above) had his face blanked out before this picture was found.

P C H R was a high level accountant and spent his time mainly in Western Australia. He lists himself as Company Secretary and Director of Rothsay Mines in the recently constructed township of Rothsay up till the WWII years.

He then lists his employer as Lake View and Star Ltd at Fimiston (Kalgoorlie).

Both sites mined Gold.

Locals now know the Fimiston Mine as the “Kalgoorlie Superpit”.

P C H R is reported as passing away on the 12th July 1979 at Windsor Park, was cremated at Centennial Park in Adelaide and his ashes collected.

Ironically, Rothsay is on the Isle of Bute and both Rothsay and Bute both get a mention in this saga.

Now, let’s look at the first part second!

As there is a great deal to take in already, upcoming Post (#25) will describe the photo on the ID Card and give the person in the photo a name. It will also detail why the ID Card was so quickly removed from sight.

OAM medal 2

However, there is still an elephant in the room!

Question:- How is it that this ID Card from the Somerton Man’s suitcase was kept securely under the floorboards of the house of the father of one of the prime suspects in the 1966 Beaumont Childrens’ Disappearance?

Allan Maxwell (Max) McIntyre and Anthony Allan (Tony) Munro were persons of significant interest in the abduction and possible murder of Jane, Arnna and Grant.

Beaumonts 2

Alan Maxwell McIntyre A    Munro 2

“Max” McIntyre  and Tony Munro

Exerpt :-

Paedophile’s victim slams sentence extension as ‘too lenient’

A victim of a repeat South Australian paedophile has slammed an extension to his sentence as too lenient after he pleaded guilty to targeting a fourth young boy.

Anthony Allan Munro was once questioned by police about the 1966 disappearance of the Beaumont children but never faced charges.

Munro, 74, was already serving jail time for sexually abusing three boys on separate occasions dating back to 1965.

Munro 1

The former scout leader was hit with a further four charges relating to abuse of another boy, which took place in 1994 when the child was aged 11.

Munro pleaded guilty but asked District Court Judge Barry Beazley for a merciful sentence to allow him to spend time with his partner in Cambodia on his release.

Judge Beazley on Thursday extended his non-parole period by about 19 months, pushing his parole date to December 2023.

SAPOL, we’re only a matter of weeks from December 2023!

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