Aaghaz and Tamam

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By Alan Hamill

Is the Somerton Man really Carl “Charlie” Webb?           Nope, he’s not?

Why was he in Adelaide? Did they find a similar looking candidate!

Did the locals from Charters Towers come to visit? Or were they from Central NSW?

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SM xCharlie” 1905-(1948)-19**.      (1948 and 20+ = 1970?)


ROK Front

من به اینجا آمدم و فکر کردم این کار آسان نخواهد بود، اما من تصویر نمی کردم که چقدر سخت خواهد بود!

کارهایی که قبلا انجام نشده است، اینها چیزهایی هستند که باید امتحان کنید.

slip 1

من الان تنها چيزي که بايد بدونم رو ميدونم ولي چيزي که نميتوني اجازه داشته باشي بدوني

‎اگرچه نیرویی که افکار عمومی را تغذیه می‌کند خطا به مرد سامرتون که چارلی وب بود اشاره می‌کند، بدنش الکساندر آرتور داولینگ بود، اما بدنش از بین رفت توماس اسپنسر هال کاتلک پس از تعویض دو روز قبل از دفن.

Eyes A   To backtrack and brush up on what this case is about, go to Wikipedia here

on somerton beach

We search for any of the clues or other factors that surround the “Unknown Man” saga played out in Somerton (Adelaide, South Australia) in the later part of the 1940’s. There’s more twists and turns than you would imagine!

What is the definitive reason for the message “Tamam Shud”? Was it really the end? Yes it was! But only for a couple of years!

Does this search also involve going back in time to places both local and overseas? Yes it will!

And could it boil over to other occurrences, so far seemingly unrelated? Absolutely!

Is the deciphered code detailed in the post Just letters? Nope! They’re a message! (#4) correct? It is lengthy but makes sense.

Eyes A    To backtrack and brush up on what this case is about, go to Wikipedia here

Somerton, Code, Tamam, Shud, Jestyn, Thomson

The gravesite of the “unknown man” found on Somerton Beach on December 1st 1948.

Photo of deceased

Was this man lost to love and suicide, or was he someone involved in something more sinister?

Everything in his pockets was relevant to who he was and why he was where he was!


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