Have we been hoodwinked, duped, portrayed as idiots? (#16)

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By Alan Hamill

Who is The Somerton Man? Why was he in Adelaide? What happened on Somerton Beach? Was Charters Towers the site of the masterplan?

*post updated 28 July2023

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Hey Luke!

Darth A

Luke 2

Dad, you tell me that you are my father, but at first glance should I probably question that?

Do you think we should contact the Professor and ask him to include the word “biological” or perhaps “genetic” in his statements when he says Prosper is Robin’s father? So far he hasn’t said those words to me.

Now, after examining the two photo extracts a bit further down, I ask you to form an opinion about why Charlie is not (yep I said NOT) the remains exhumed by SAPOL!

Please form an opinion as to whether the guy leaning up against the blue car matches Prosper or the 14 year deceased Charlie now at age 57 and living in the UK.

Have we all (the 100’s of amateur  sleuths) been taken for a ride?

Was Charlie evacuated from our shores (via Fremantle about the 14th of January 1949) by an authority that found what Charlie knew was bigger than the boundaries of the current laws of our island nation, and one of the nation’s largest cover-ups was orchestrated by a few?

Was the story of the former owner of the hairs from the bust already known to this authority before these hairs were released to the Professor to complete the stage show?

      Charlie close1

Are you there Kate?

Kate, could you contact me about the holiday and I could also run the identity of Robin’s actual father past you please?

Whilst it would be good to get the facts sorted on SM, it is also my opinion that a connected case from 18 years later is worthy of closure as well. Yes, the Beaumont kids case.

HC ID Card A

It would seem the entire world believes the Somerton Man case is done and dusted. Well maybe there’s someone left that doesn’t. Me. Is there anyone else?

Time for a break!

The activity and noise surrounding the “Body On The Beach” case was declining around Adelaide, and as Prosper’s workload was about to ramp up at International Harvester in Mile End where he sold farm machinery and where the new truck line had just come in, he and Jessi decided it was time to take an overseas holiday with the family.

One stop while they were in Europe was to call in to the UK where the picture with the blue Austin A40 Farina MkII (below) was taken.

An Adelaide Professor was to obtain some hair samples from SAPOL which are reported as being extracted from the plaster bust which was made to illustrate the features of the body on the beach.

They did not come directly (and can’t be confirmed as coming) from the body, whose remains were exhumed by SAPOL from the Unknown Man grave.

Charlie close1

A 57 year old Charlie above.

And here is a young Carl “Charlie” Webb at about 24 years of age.


Now, fast forward to a trip the Thomsons made to Europe in 1962.


Is there a problem with Charlie being in this photo?

Yes, Charlie was supposed to have passed in 1948, and this photo was taken in 1962.

Prosper, Jessi, Robin and Kate first set foot back on Australian soil at Fremantle (WA) on 31st of Oct 1962. The last leg of their journey left Genoa (Italy) on board the Cogedar Line T/S “Flavia”.

Flavia 1


But why did we miss this? Or how did we miss this?

It’s because this 60 Minutes episode went to air in late 2013 which was almost 10 years before we were to hear the first mention of the name Carl Charles Webb.


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