Kids, you must never tell anyone! (#14)

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By Alan Hamill

Who is The Somerton Man?
Why was he in Adelaide?
What happened on Somerton Beach?
Was Charters Towers the site of the masterplan?

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Hey Jessi, it’s time we had that talk with the kids.

No, the one about staying absolutely silent about what they might find out.

Robin 2

Ciao Robin!



Ciao Kate!


Jess close 1

Ciao Jessi!


George naa 1

Ciao Giorgio!

Why are we turning off Dad? I thought we were in a hurry to get there!

Just dropping in on an old friend, Kate. Someone who knew Robin.

KateInCar 1


Kate e Robin hanno giurato di mantenere il segreto quando erano giovani e hanno avvertito che la loro famiglia, o altri, potrebbero essere in grave pericolo se avessero parlato di qualcosa che era successo o se la verità fosse stata detta.

Devono rimanere in silenzio per il bene di tutti!

Ma sapranno nella loro vita successiva quando sarà sicuro allentare un po queste regole.


(Translation:- Hello Kate, Hello Robin, Hello Jessi, Hello George.
Kate and Robin were sworn to secrecy when young and warned that their family, or others, may be in great danger if they spoke about anything that had happened or if the truth were to be told.
They must stay silent for everyone’s sake!
But they will know in their later life when it is safe to relax these rules just a little.)


Kate and Robin

Keep going. I’ll tell you when you can safely come back!


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