The Hands of a Sous Chef. (#7)


By Alan Hamill    

What happened on Somerton Beach and in Adelaide from the 1930’s to the 1980’s?

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Fingerprints A

The Somerton Man (aka SM) was described in Leane’s submission as having “3 small scars inside the left wrist, one scar inside the left elbow, curved and about an inch long, one scar or boil mark about an inch in size in the upper left forearm.”

These marks are colloquially referred to in some food circles as “cooks’ wrist”

They are obtained when a cook reaches across a hot or sharp edged pot or pan on a stove and touches these implements with the underside of their arm.

But were these descriptions just included to sooth those who wanted to see Carl despatched and weren’t counting on it being Alexander Arthur Dowling?

This commentary only serves to suggest his baking service and to explain the marks on SM’s left arm.

wrist marks
Marks left by reaching across hot pans.


Marks Z

in the words of Dwyer in his submission (above) :-
“The nails were I thought just carefully trimmed, probably with scissors, not with a file or nail clippers”

“just carefully trimmed”        just carefully trimmed”.  “JUST carefully trimmed”.   As in recently!

finger length a

If a SAPOL picture were available of Carl’s hand I would suggest it would look like the hand on the right in the diagram above.

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