Painter? Painter? I’m not after a Painter! (#22)

Screen Capture B

By Alan Hamill

What happened on Somerton Beach and in Adelaide from 1902 to 1966+?

Why was the Somerton Man in Adelaide?

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Yellowcake was produced at Port Pirie in 1945!

Yellowcake 1

Yellowcake product

Yellowcake 3

Yellowcake 4

Yellowcake, after being crushed and leached from the ore using acids and alkalis, can be found in pressed cake format, powder form or as granules and can be any colour from yellow to brown or black. The yellowcake sent to Wales was in manageable bags.

The Camel Drivers and their fleet!


8Aug1945 B

Painter Map K1

Painter E

MtPainter painting


Port Pirie celebrates Christmas in 1944 with new machines!

No 30 Denver A

No 30 Denver B




Note:- The paragraph above nominating the ore sites doesn’t mention Mount Painter, or the activities in 1944 and 1945, even though this was the main wartime mining task.


Definitely not your perfume I can smell! 

The smell of yellowcake in its post leaching state is quite foul.

It’s common for transporters that don’t want to be linked to the yellowcake they have on board to place old meat strategically around the cargo to disguise the smell of the U308.

Off to Wales we take our product!

The 2 recent photos above are of the original entrance to the Rhydymwyn Gaseous Diffusion site which took the yellowcake and processed it into Weapons Grade Enriched Uranium U235.

This Wales site used gaseous diffusion, which is a complex type of filtration, and it was different to the later US process of a more complex gaseous centrifugal extraction.

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To backtrack and brush up on what this case is about, go to Wikipedia here

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